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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Support HB4110 or Reproductive Health Care Act

We the undersigned express our support of HB 4110, The Reproductive Health Care Act.

We fully support the bill’s principles as laid out in Section 2.

We all hope for a healthy Filipino society. We believe the bill will help us build such a society where reproductive health care is available to anyone and everyone, free of discrimination on age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, and religious affiliation or non-affiliation. Where policies concerning reproductive health care that affects everyone is not dictated by any particular religion or belief system. We believe in the right to choose one’s method of planning a family and spacing children, or to choose to have no children at all. The rights of the individual to choose according to his conscience don’t fall under the aegis of self-proclaimed moral authorities of the religious establishment.

The Philippines is a nation of diverse religious beliefs/non-beliefs. No single belief system represents the whole diversity of Filipino religious and non-religious thought or belief nor does any of its leaders speak for all its adherents. The continued opposition by the leaders of certain sects is a clear encroachment on the rights to free choice on reproductive health methods and services of every Filipino, and trample on the rights of those who do not adhere to their beliefs. We strongly condemn the negative campaign being waged by these leaders to mislead its adherents by misrepresenting the bill’s content, and by resorting to using dogmatic, unscientific, and outmoded beliefs to support its arguments.

We strongly support the legislation because we believe this is for the well-being our nation in particular and humanity in general as we face the future of a planet with limited resources.

Please read the bill here: http://dirp3.pids.gov.ph/population/documents/HB4110.pdf

Please sign the petition here.


Danny Boy said...

I skimmed through the document, and I notice the phrase "prevention and management of abortion" repeated several times. As I understand it from its context, this means that the bill seeks to "prevent" abortions before they are administered.

I'm sorry, but that won't fly with me. I like some of the other parts of the document, but without clear support for a woman's right to choose, this is just half-assed.

I could be wrong, and if my reading is in error, and the document does clearly support women's choice, then I will support the bill.

KapanaligSaWala said...

You know I was quite happy with the bill in that it doesn't push it that far and that its detractors are actually misleading the people by saying that it will legalize abortion when it clearly will not as you (and I) have understood it. I think without legalizing abortion, it has better chances of getting enacted into law and I think once this gets passed, we can build upon it.

Reynor said...

Article 15:The Family SEC. 3. of the constitution states:

The State shall defend :
(1) The right of spouses to found a family in accordance with their religious convictions and the demands of responsible parenthood.

The RH Bill denies us that right.

KapanaligSaWala said...

In what way are you denied this right? It seems that you do not understand. The bill does not prevent you from pursuing how you wish to bring up your family.