Kapanalig Sa Wala - Literally, one who also have faith in nothing, is a play on words and wasn't really intended to mean something. It was made in jest to call the atheist camp when I was still actively debating god in one of the demised public forums out there. I think walang pananalig (faithless) would have proven to be more precise but I think the intended humor will be lost.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I just realized how cluttered my desktop has become in just a week!

Here is another shot taken a bit later. No wonder I couldn't find small items when I need them.

On the pictures is six-year old Yuki's monitor, an Eizo FlexScan L557. On the foreground is AnnieHall, the 3 year old PowerBook G4 I am using. I think the flat screen can be used in the Philippines. I read somewhere it's dual rated with 100/240 VAC but I couldn't confirm it yet. If so, I'll bring it home one day to make space to my desk and give me some legroom since Yuki's half tower is bulky, noisy, and dissipates a lot of heat, specially in summer. And besides, I have been using AnnieHall all of the time now proving that I don't need a Windows desktop any longer.

(This post has been moved from another blog I am thinking of shutting down.)


rmacapobre said...

mySQL has gone a long way ...

KapanaligSaWala said...

yeah. i want to pick up MySQL but i don't have the motivation. it's just sits there idle.